Warrior Women With Angel Wings Series

Sue is a Co-Author in "Warrior Women With Angel Wings - Born to Love" and the NEW "Warrior Women With Angel Wings - Illuminate your Joy". These books are wonder-filled pieces in the Warrior Men and Women Series of books by Sundi and Joe Sturgeon. Heartfelt, real, empowering and amazing are a few of the words to describe the stories that are written in this book! You will be inspired, uplifted and encouraged as you turn the pages in this incredible book.

Get your copy today and read these unique and beautiful stories. You can find all books in the series "Warrior Women With Angel Wings" below.

Warrior Women with Angels Wings for the Soul: Stories of Life's Journey (July 26, 2017) 

This is a powerful anthology filled with amazing authors. Each of these women have a unique and beautiful story to share. They shared their courage, faith, hope and love with you. As you read each you will be inspired, encouraged and uplifted. As each takes the time to give you a glimpse into their lives and their journey! This is the first book in an amazing, powerful and beautiful collection.

Warrior Women with Angel Wings for the Soul (March 18, 2018)

Warrior Women with Angel Wings for the soul is a wonderful addition to the anthology series of books compiled by Sundi and Joseph Sturgeon. Heartfelt, real, empowering and amazing are just a few of the words that have been used to describe the stories that are written in this book. You will be inspired, uplifted and encouraged as you turn each page in this heartwarming anthology.

Warrior Women with Angel Wings Born to Love, Anthology (May 23, 2018) 

Another exciting book in the 'Warrior Women Anthology Series' compiled by Sundi Sturgeon. This anthology was made possible by the incredible courage and bravery of each of the authors who chose to take this journey and share their stories to encourage and inspire other women from around the world. Each story includes spiritual and angelic experiences as well as stories that brought us to our higher purpose. You will be inspired and moved by these powerful stories. Thank you to each woman who contributed to this amazing book.

A short extract from Sue's chapter ...

Almost every night I spent at her house, we would experience something new and bizarre. There were several times we awoke to laughter in the kitchen as we walk down the stairs to investigate the noise we would see a group of disheveled soldiers around the kitchen table. Despite the fact that all the lights were turned off at night, we would awake to find the soldiers gathered around the table drinking tea with the lights on and they always disappeared shortly after realizing we were there …

Warrior Women with Angel Wings: Illuminate your Joy (November 1, 2018)

“Illuminate your Joy” is the latest in an amazing anthology collection of inspiring, uplifting, experiential stories by our wonderful co-authors’ who share how they create Joy in life, no matter the circumstances. Read from experts in their respective fields of knowledge and understanding; some from their own personal experiences of overcoming abusive situations, all to help heal, illuminate, transform and enrich the lives of others. The stories in this anthology guide the reader how to BE: In the world, but not, of the world. Read on and illuminate your life with Joy as you connect with each author.

A short extract from Sue's chapter ...

The joy in knowing you played a huge part in the process of someone's recovery from pain is truly awe-inspiring. It really makes one feel like they can heal anything. You've been granted this amazing ability to heal by Divine source which makes you feel very powerful. However, God has this way of also knocking you off your high horse very quickly making you understand all power comes from him. You are chosen to work with this energy but cannot claim it as your own for it is him who is the true source ...



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