Universal Truths

Universal Truths

The following are the underlying principles of my work. We are at all times creating our experience through choice, whether these choices are unconscious or conscious. We are therefore at all times 100% responsible for creating our circumstances and results. No-one can create our experience for us. We cannot create someone else’s experience for them! Each choice creates a consequence. The energetic quality of a consequence is of the same energetic quality as the choice that created it. This is karma. The laws of karma uphold that a consequence will persist until a new choice is made. Karma is not wiped out by transitioning out of this lifetime.

We create through free will. This is the greatest gift we are given by our Divine Creator. No-one can disempower us unless we give them power. We are never victims of circumstance unless we choose victimization. Through free will, we are the ultimate authority of our own experience. There are no “good” or “bad” choices. These are judgments made from a human perspective. Consequences created while in the physical realm must be resolved through new choices made while incarnated. Problems must be resolved at the dimensional level at which they were created.

Our Purpose is at all times to simply experience ourselves through our own creative process, just as Divine Source experiences itself through its Creations - Souls. The Purpose of Creation is to create. All Souls are unique, individuated expression of the Divine. We come into human form to experience ourselves within our individuation. This holds the greatest potential for the experience of the Self. As incarnated Beings, we are the most powerful authority in our lives.

No discarnate entities (ghosts, poltergeists, entity attachments, etc.) can interfere with our free will. If we have consciousness of a negative influence, we are immediately empowered to clear it. Energy follows intention. All that is required for effective clearing work is consciousness. If we have clarity of intent through consciousness, nothing can interfere with our free will.

We are all the Creator of our own experience, and we take full responsibility for our results. We are here to focus our attention on our human experience here and now.

Spiritual information is never mysterious, misleading, or exclusive (not available to everyone), nor is it flattering to the ego. Spiritual information is always actionable and practical, and upholds the need for conscious effort on our part in order to create results in our lives. Information is concise and comes in as a coherent threat of information. There are no clues or riddles for us to figure out. Spiritual information does NOT argue with reason and logic, or with what you already know. It is nondogmatic.


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