Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Usually, you have between 4 and 6 Spirit Guides assigned to you in order to guide you day-to-day throughout this lifetime. We are born with one Spirit Guide, and then accumulate Guides throughout our childhood and teens. Spirit Guides are here to assist you in making choices ... and since you have very few choices to make as a toddler and small child, you don’t need much guidance. Children usually receive a second Spirit Guide around age 4-6, a third Guide around 8-10, a fourth Guide around 12-14, and a fifth Guide around age 16-20. It really depends on how independent the child is in his or her decision making.

Spirit Guides are Souls that HAVE once upon a time incarnated and are familiar with human existence. They are generally older, more experienced Souls. Serving as Spirit Guides is THEIR current vehicle of Divine self-expression, much like we have chosen a human body. They are NOT deceased family members.

We have to understand that WE are the ones that attract new Guides throughout our experience, based on our choices. From time to time, we make highly negative choices in childhood, in order to simply survive very negative situations. We thus “hire” a Guide that will help us uphold a coping mechanism - anything from abuse to losing a parent to being bullied.


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