Soul Vibration Rates

Soul Vibration Rates

We are multi-dimensional Beings, with an aspect of ourselves at every dimensional level of existence. Our bodies are third-dimensional, and our ego is our fourth-dimensional aspect (mind and thought resides here). Everything from the fifth dimension upward is what we consider the spiritual realm. Measuring your Soul Vibration Rate lets us know how self-aware you are of yourself as spiritual Beings, as well as from what dimensional level you are receiving guidance and inspiration. Essentially, we are looking at where the “Higher Self” is centered vibrationally. Our ”Higher Self” is the highest vibrational level at which we have AWARENESS of ourselves. Our Soul already exists at ALL dimensional levels of existence!

Please note that one vibration rate is not “more evolved” or better than others. A fourth-dimensional vibration rate will mean that the Higher Self is at the same vibrational level as the ego. This usually means you are unable to distinguish between ego and Higher Self and is identified as ego.

When you develop awareness of your fifth-dimensional aspect, we see a vibration rate of 5.0 or above. Vibration rates are measured in tenths ... 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, etc. At a vibration rate of 5.0, you may begin your “spiritual path” because now you realize you are not only ego, but you are something beyond the ego. You have awareness of themselves as a spiritual Being. Very few people have awareness of their sixth-dimensional aspect.

Vibration rates of 6.0 remain very rare. When your Soul vibration rate goes to 5.0, you begin your spiritual path and start studying spirituality and your own Divine nature.

The fifth dimension is about information. Fifth-dimensional people tend to be spiritual seekers, students, they want to know more about themselves, and the Universe.

The sixth dimension is about states of BEING. Sixth-dimensional people have stopped studying. They are no longer curiosity-driven (if you’re in this program, you are NOT sixth-dimensional) and will only seek out psychics and Practitioners if they have a specific problem. They are not interested in information for the sake of knowledge.

The higher the vibration rate is beyond 5.0, the more identified you will be as a spiritual Being. The vibration rate lets us know about your self-awareness beyond the physical and the ego. Please let go of the idea that we’re striving to raise our vibration rate. Higher is NOT better.


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