What is Soul Realignment?

Soul Realignment is a beautiful, powerful healing modality which sheds light on who your are at a soul level, what you have in your Akashic Records that affects you in this life.

All is energy and many energetic issues follow us from lifetime to lifetime. Simply because we are unaware of them. This dosen't mean that we are haunted by something negative. It means that we carry with us many energies wich was created in the first place by our choices. And . . . we make choices all the time, based on what we currently know and have experience of.

So when we start on the consious spiritual path, we have this urge to develop, grow and clear our way towards the Divine and towards ourselves. Because of our strong will to move forward on the spiritual path, we start to attract more of whatever we still have as energetic cords, restrictions or blockages. Some of those issues we can clear our self, but often we find ourselves stuck on a specific issue . . . We are always able to clear all things ourselves but it may simply take much more time, perhaps lifetimes . . .

A Soul Realignment Reading helps you to both understand your souls specific qualities and energies, as well as to get help to clear an energy that might stand in your way.

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