The Soul Group of Origination

The Soul Group of Origination is the second most important part of the Soul Profile. Not all Souls begin their journey here on our planet. Some Souls initially incarnate elsewhere in our galaxy. Where we first incarnate does not shape us. Rather, we incarnate for the first time into a star system that is most vibrationally ”like” us at our origination. Soul Groups of Origination share certain Soullevel traits that assert themselves into their human experience. By looking up the Soul Group, you can understand yet another clue as to your Divine nature so that you may express it into your human experience.

Our “Soul Group” indicates into which star system the Soul incarnated right after its origination from Divine Source. All of us have an inherent understanding of the energy of the various Soul groups, since we share “like-ness” and the star systems ARE part of our night sky here on Earth. Soul Groups are named for stars rather than planets when they are located outside of our solar system. Soul Groups can be organized into Souls who originated within our solar system, and “Star Traveler” Souls who originated elsewhere in the galaxy.

Not only do I want to give you a clear understanding of who you are at Soul-level ... I also want to help you understand why you are not living your Divinity, and why you are having your current experience.


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