Thu – May 31st: Gifted Children With Special Needs – Special Guest: Joyce Saun!

On this episode of Soul Sisters show, Hosts Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla discuss "Gifted Children With Special Needs"!! ...with their Special Guest: Joyce Saun! ...They will also be taking your calls! ...for questions and Mini-Readings!

May 31st 2018

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A little about Joyce Saun We are going to talk much about Joyce’s experience with her spiritually gifted daughter on our show Thursday 31st of May. You want to listen in or call into the show, this is going to be exciting.

Joyce was born in Papa New Guinea and have always been able to see spirits. In her childhood she saw spirits wandering about in her home. Her family on both sides are strong Catholics and her seeing was not entertained. Joyce grew up thinking that there was something wrong with her. So she blocked her experiences with seeing spirits and having visions.

Joyce have been astral traveling all her life but didn’t understand that it was astral traveling until she moved to Australia and started to develop her spiritual gifts that she knew and understood what astral traveling is about. The move to Australia came about for the comfort of her daughter. Her daughter is a gifted child with some special needs.

It was in Australia that her visions and astral travelling began to increase and started to get out of hand for Joyce. She talked to a friend and the friend confirmed to Joyce that "you're psychic". She struggled with this and refused to believe it because with her Catholic mindset, this was wrong.

For the next few years her daughter and Joyce struggled with spirits, poltergeists and bad dreams and astral travel seemed to just be more and more present in her life. Her spiritual guides and helpers tried all ways to get her attention.

A turning point was when she read a novel by Manda Scott - Dreaming Eagle. This information brought Joyce on her journey and lifepath and she studied as much as she could around spiritual topics and shamanic dream workshops. Joyce started to embrace the idea that she is a Psychic.

Loosing her job in 2015 put Joyce further into her lifepath and she recieved repeated messages from the Angels and her spiritual guides and helpers to attend Doreen Virtues Angel Card Readings Course. Joyce signed up and joined the Facebook Group for the course. That is when likeminded friends started to enter her life. She met Sue Schumacher and a bit later on Anne Anoulla through this Facebook Group.

Her sight and gifts are getting stronger and improving every day as she continues to live her lifepath. She is now working with consultations and angelcard readings. Joyce Saun… is a CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER®, Natural Healer and Medium with personal experience of gifted children with special needs, you can find her on… Her website On Facebook On Twitter Instagram On Skype Angel D'realms or email her at


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