Thu – Jan 31st: Developing Mediumship - Special Guest: Swedish Medium Vendela Cederholm

On this episode of the “Soul Sisters” show, Hosts Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla welcome their Special Guest: Vendela Cederholm! Vendela is a World-Renowned Swedish Medium. They will be discussing: Developing Mediumship!

January 31st 2019

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About Vendela Cederholm Medium and CEO of, a Spiritual School in Stockholm, Sweden. Vendela has long experience of medial work and has been active as a certified spiritualist medium since 1995. She works with group and major studies, education as well as guidance and spiritual issues and also as a TV medium. On TV, we can see her helping families through their media abilities in "The Unknown" and she has been a teacher and jury in the "Academy of the Unknown".

Since the mid-1990s, Vendela has led courses in intuitive and medial development. She is the CEO and works as a teacher at, Academy for Inner Potential, which among other things has courses for internal development and a sought after mediation education. Vendela is also a specialist teacher and has a solid education and pedagogical background, which comes in handy at the Academy. The interest in learning is great and she has studied theology and religious studies. Her media education background is found in spiritualism and she works on a Christian basis.

The solar cards came through a collaboration between Vendela and Christina Eriksson. There are cards used for guidance, meditation and reflection where Vendela stands for the texts in the book and Christina for the works of art.

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Join the show and learn more about Vendela Cederholm , her work and the Academy for Inner Potential ...


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