Thur – August 30th Special Guest: Carrie M Bush - Her story: Guided by my Angels

On this episode of the “Soul Sisters” show, Hosts Anne Anoulla and Sue Schumacher welcome their Special Guest: Carrie M Bush! Carrie is an Angel Card Reader and Author

August 30th 2018

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We are the show that discusses the Akashic Records, Soul realignment, Healing Modalities and Spiritual Topics in general ...

You don't want to miss this Earth Angel Lady … Join us ...

About Carrie M Bush

Carrie is a published author, and an Angel card reader from the UK. She has a strong connection to the angelic realm and she loves to inspire others to live the magical life that they have always dreamed of. Her books are available on Amazon under the name Carrie M Bush. Her first published books are a set of 15 Archangel books for children, she call these her "Angel babies!" Each book gently introduces the child to the particular Archangel, and has a magical story about what that angel can help you with, the colour of the angel, and the signs you could expect to see when that Archangel is present.

She was guided by her angels and inspired by her daughter who has cerebral palsy to write the book series for children about Archangels. Her daughter was having a challenging time and talking about and inviting the angels helped her very much. Carrie noticed that there was not many books available for children on the subject of angels, and spirituality, and that is how the first series of book came about.

Carrie are currently working on finishing her Unicorn Series with the aim to have all 4 published and available by Christmas this year. The first book in the Unicorn Series are very recently published. Her other books are a chapter in 4 Warrior Women With Angel Wings Series, just finishing the fourth book in the series.

Carrie see angel colours, feel angels, heat angels, through her thoughts and feelings. She manifest s her dreams with the angels, and she receive messages through her nighttime dreams. Carrie favorite type of readings to do for clients are a Reading that can really help to change the clients life, really make a difference to their thought pattern and life path. She loves to receive feedback that their life has changed for the better through one of her readings. Her readings are always given from a space of love. She is a huge believer to give a client an inspiring reading that can make a real difference in their life, or a situation they may be facing. She connects with their energy and the Angels by using Angel cards and giving every message she receive even if she don't understand it myself! I am loving and gentle and sensitive to your needs.

You can find and connect with Carrie by searching for her name on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She updates her Facebook page daily to help inspire people. You can find her books at Amazon in her name Carrie M Bush.


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