Thur – Nov 15th: Special Guest: Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon – “Spiritual Alignment The New Success"

On this episode of the “Soul Sisters” show, Hosts Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla welcome their Special Guest: Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon! …Discussing: “Spiritual Alignment is The New Success”!

November 15th 2018

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About Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon

Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon is a Healer & Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Ascension Facilitator. Gennye was born native Swedish and moved to the U.K in 1998 after a strong Spiritual experience where she had a Soul upgrade called a "Reincarnation in the same body". Most of you would not have heard of what this is, but this is what brought her onto the Spiritual Path as a way of life. Spirituality and mysticism have always been a part of her life, she loved Astrology from a very Young age. The way she perceived life was normal for her but not so normal for most people(!) She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a part of changing the world into a better place She studied Business and Marketing at the University in Sweden, but being a Spiritual Wanderer, she decided to travel the world and work in hospitality for the years to come. In 1998 she came to London to study Astrology and Esoteric Studies, counselling, massage, coaching and healing. She is a lifelong learner and always striving to go higher and has since 2001 run her own successful Spiritual Business helping people to align with their Intuitive Super Powers, clear their Path to Abundance, living healthy, empowered and happy lives. Gennye lives in Weybridge, Surrey with her family, her 2 children and husband. It’s Gennye’s mission to inspire and empower people Awakening Spiritually around the world to activate their Spiritual Gifts and Talents and to design a life aligned with their Soul Purpose, filled with personal, spiritual, financial and emotional success, simply living ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Speciality Topics and Trainings

Gennye's specialty topics are Spirituality, Mastering your Life, Soul Alignment, Ascension, Empowerment, Unlimited Abundance, Unconditional Love, Self-Expression, Spiritual Entrepreneurship. Some of my most popular trainings and workshops are listed below.

• Connect with Spirit, Clear your Path & Create your Dream Life

• The Power of Nurturing You

• Bring Spiritual Flow into Your Business

• How to stop Soul Searching, and start living happily

• The History of Ascension

• How Ascension will move you out of Fear into Love

• How Ascension will help you Create an Abundant Life

• How Ascension Empowers you to live your Purpose

• The True Benefits from Cocooning

• Spirit Guides you need to Connect with in your Spiritual Awakening

• Discover the reasons you doubt your spiritual gifts

• Ascension symptoms you need to recognize

• Views on Spirituality

• How to create a magical Life of Abundance and Freedom

• Clear Mind Body Soul to become Unlimited Abundance

• How to connect to your Higher Self using 3 different routes

• The Roadmap to Unlimited Abundance





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