Thu – May 3rd: “Uppluckringen” – The Loosening Up …with Special Guest: Medium Lottie Wahlin!

Join Hosts Sue Schumacher and Anne Anoulla‘s as they welcome their Special Guest: Medium Lottie Wahlin! …Author of the book: “Uppluckringen” — “The Loosening Up”! …plus they will be taking your calls for Questions and offering Mini-Readings, for their Callers, LIVE On-Air!

May 3rd 2018

Listen to the replay

A little about Lottie Wahlin She is a Medium, Teacher, Writer & Social Scientist. Her latest book wich is called “Uppluckringen” in Swedish was published in Mars in Sweden. The book is the first part in a book series about a spiritual woman in Stockholm and her life. A very intriguing book. The book is planned to be translated into English and French later on and a free translation of the title is “The Loosening up”. Lottie has worked as a Medium for many years and she is a Principal and Teacher on a School in Stockholm the “Academy for Inner Potential” for students learning Mediumship, Spiritual development, Psychology in Mediumship etc. Her personal website is and the school’s website is

Lottie also have information in English on her website, visit for more info and contact with Lottie.

Lottie is signing her book on the 5th of May at a book store in Stockholm, Vattumannen. Read more about the book signing event here


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