The purpose of doing a Soul Realignment® Reading

The purpose of doing a Soul Realignment® Reading is to find out about your Divine nature of your own Soul. It is done by accessing information based on your Soul’s origination. I can also see and tell you how you through choice, have shaped your own experience over the course of many lifetimes.

The information given in a reading assists you in expressing your own Divine nature in every day life. It also offers an empowering explanation as to why you are experiencing many of your current circumstances. I navigate the vast amount of information available so that I only access what is pertinent to you in the present moment.

The point of Soul Realignment is to restructure the Divine Soul Blueprint back to how it was when the Soul was created by Divine Source - back to its state at its origination.

​I energetically ”clear” your Akashic Records of negative influences created by your choices, in both past and present lifetimes. This gives you a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift your current experiences.

The overall intent of Soul Realignment® is always to assist you into aligning, through choice, with your own Divine nature in order to create a human experience of abundance and fulfillment. Reading the Akashic Records is a tool designed to assist us in expressing our Divinity into our humanity.