Psychic Readings

This is a form of channeling where the Psychic, depending on your needs, channel information from loved ones.

I help those who are stuck in the astrals to move into the light. I assist deceased family members who may be stuck here due to a binding or pact they may have made, to move onto where it is they need to go. To go where loved ones are ready and waiting to receive them. This is performed in conjunction with my spirit guides.

If you happen to be looking for answers about an upcoming promotion? Looking to see if that raise is in your future? Or maybe wanting to find that knew job locally or across country? Wondering whether a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife are not living up to their commitment or vows made? Or simply wondering what it is you should do as a carrier? Will you finally be able to conceive a child? Simply put, I’m here to help!

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