Negativity Defined

Negativity Defined

Throughout the readings, I find issues that I might refere to as negative. Please be VERY conscious of that negativity is NOT bad, evil, dark, or spooky. WE are the ones that create negativity, through choice. A negative choice is a choice that does NOT express our Divinity. It is a choice that we make that is misaligned to who we are. A negative choice NEGATES who we are, vs. AFFIRMING who we are. We make negative choices all the time! Every time you take action out of guilt, obligation, blame, or shame, for example, you are creating negativity. Every time you make a choice based on what other people think vs. what is in your heart, you are creating negativity. Every time you take action and tell yourself “I don’t have a choice” you are creating negativity. We live in a negative world.

Most people are not aware of who they are at Soullevel. Even fewer people actually take ACTION based on who they are at Soullevel. Lack, disempowerment, unconsciousness and fear have become normal. If you doubt that we live in a negative world, turn on the news. Negativity comes into the world when we make a choice that does NOT express who we are as Divine Beings. This will then create a negative consequence - a consequence that creates separation between us and our Divinity.

We are collectively so separated from our Divinity through negative choices that almost none of us remember who we are as Divine Beings. The Universe does not judge negativity as “bad.” It is merely the opposite polarity to positive energy. Negative energy just IS, just as positive energy just IS.

All of us, as living Beings, receive vital force energy from somewhere. Vital force energy is what animates us, it is the force that leaves the body at transition. Vital force energy has a positive and negative polarity, just like everything else! Positive Souls still draw at least some energy from Divine Source. Positive Souls may still draw some energy from their environment and other people. Negative Souls are Souls that have so separated from their Divinity to the extent that they are now exclusively drawing vital force energy from their environment - specifically from other people. Engaging with negative Souls frequently causes us to further separate from our own Divinity.

It’s important to recognize that negativity isn’t some force from “out there.” If I’m going to uphold you as 100% responsible, I have to take ownership of ALL of my own choices, including that I have created negativity in my own life. Taking responsibility is the first step to change. The next step is gaining consciousness. The final step is making new choices. This is the spiritual path, and the path that I have to walk too as a Soul Realignment® Practitioner.

Negative Souls are not “bad” or “evil” people. Positive Souls are not “good” people, either. The positive/negative distinction merely describes from which source(s) a Soul is deriving its vital force energy.


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