The Soul itself does NOT have a gender. Souls are always, in essence, androgynous at their origination. However, frequently Souls have incarnated into one gender more than the others, and thus will identify with Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine energy accordingly.

Souls will incarnate into a corresponding body 70 - 80% of the time. However, sometimes Souls that identify with the Divine Masculine incarnate as female, and Souls that identify with the Divine Feminine incarnate as male. The Soul’s feminine / masculine orientation does NOT in any way indicate sexual orientation. However, men with female Souls tend to be more gentle and nurturing. Women with male Souls tend to be more aggressive and less nurturing, with more focus on their careers.

In some cases, it can be of great comfort to the client to understand that, at Soullevel, they simply hold more Divine Masculine/Feminine energy than other members of their physical gender.


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