Angelcard & Tarot Readings 1 Year Read

Full deck - 1 year read

Choose from ...

  • Celtic Cross

  • Loving Heart

  • Career

  • Health

This is a Reading that can ...

  • see things in a longer perspective

  • get you an idea about how your current path turns out without new choices

  • help you understand where you are in a certain process in a much longer perspective than a usual Reading

  • helping you plan your life better

  • get more in depth information about energies and currents in your life

Email me your questions and concerns, tell me if you want a person to person reading, through Skype, telephone or email and send it to I will come back to you and we book a time for a session or the time when your reading will be ready (if sent to you by email). You will receive a write up and a picture of the card spread after the reading is done.

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