What can we find in the Akashic Records?

What can we find in the Akashic Records?

Sometimes a soul are using what is essentially a Soul level mask. You may actually feel that you are very confused as to your own true identity, or that you are “in hiding.” You may have trouble deciding what you really want, because your own Divine Gifts are completely masked from even yourself. You will resonate to having difficulties manifesting. While a mask offer protection, it greatly interfere with a Soul’s creative abilities. The Soul sends out very mixed energetic frequencies about its identity, gifts, and who it is “being.” Therefore, a person’s manifesting abilities will be greatly diminished. On occasion, the Soul can so completely mask itself that its own team of Spirit Guides cannot locate it. You might have difficulty connecting with your guide.

The Soul Profile informs you of who you are at Soul level. Understanding your Divine nature at origination can assist you in making choices congruent to your Soul’s original blueprint, thus restoring energy flow from Divine Source via your Soul, creating more abundance and fulfillment. Through the Soul Profile, you understand how your Soul has shaped its human experience so far. You learn about your Divine Gifts - the energies you are naturally abundant in at Soul level. The Soul Profile is usually presented first within a reading, before talking about blocks and restrictions that need to be cleared. I can help you identify which Divine Gifts and Soullevel characteristics you may not be accessing yet, because of blocks and restrictions. This is why I must do the ENTIRE reading, including the Realignment portion, before I present the reading to you.


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