The Soul’s Energy Centers

The Soul’s Energy Centers

The Soul’s Energy Centers are probably the most important part of the Soul Profile. Our Energy Centers are the energetic qualities that our Soul is literally MADE OF. The energy centers most present within our Soul’s vibrational spectrum are the energies we are MOST abundant in. Expressing the energies we’re naturally abundant in will, by default, manifest abundance.

There are eight major embodied vibrational qualities that exist within our Soul’s vibrational spectrum. Our Soul’s vibrational spectrum contains ALL eight of these vibrational qualities ... but to different degrees.

MOST Souls’ vibrational spectrum has ONE vibrational quality that comprises between 40 - 50% of its vibrational spectrum. We call this the Soul’s Primary Energy Center. This is where you are MOST abundant. Expressing this ONE vibrational quality in what you do and how you do it will create the most abundance.

Some Souls’ vibrational spectrums have TWO vibrational qualities that, together, comprise between 50 - 60% of its vibrational spectrum. We call these two vibrational qualities the Soul’s Primary and Secondary Energy Center (depending which one is most represented). Expressing these TWO vibrational qualities in what you do and how you do it will create abundance. They must BOTH be expressed, in combination. Having a primary AND secondary Energy Center is NOT better than having just a primary Energy Center. In fact, it can be far more complicated for people to embody these energies.


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