Blocks & Restrictions

Tears In The Golden Web

When a tear is present at a specific chakra, you may experience blockages and issues for that specific chakra.


Memory Issues

Our Soul has a memory system all of its own. While the Akashic Records impeccably store information ABOUT the Soul, our memory is really more the “highlight reel” of our interpretation of our past experiences. We access our Soul’s memory system via the Golden Web. Just like the ego, the Soul has a perception of itself which is often grounded in its experiences of itself. When we make negative choices, we may interfere with our own Soul’s memory system and end up with a false self-perception.

Negative Entity Attachments

There are lots of Souls and energetic Beings, both positive and negative, currently NOT inhabiting a physical body. Through negative choice, you can allow entities to attach to you. Attachment means that these entities draw on you personal vital force energy in order to maintain their existence. These entities are “negative” in that they attached to you through a negative choice you made, and are now sustaining the energy of that negative choice. Any level of entity attachment is at all times inappropriate. All Beings are equally able to access Divine Source for vital force energy.

Entities can attach to you from a past life. You enter into a negative Soul-level agreement with another incarnated Soul. This agreement, when left unresolved in that lifetime, will continue past that incarnation and cause the Soul that transitioned first to attach to the Soul that is still incarnated. Please note that the agreement is always negative, as is the attachment. The attaching Soul may, however, not be negative by nature - but since it is drawing vital force energy from another, it falls under the “negative” category in this situation. Please note, however, that these are not “evil” Souls or that they were always “bad” people in the lifetime during which the attachment began.

Past Life Entity

You only create the types of agreements needed for a past life entity attachment with PEOPLE who are actually incarnated with you. “Agreements” that allow for entity attachment are curses, spells, pacts, vows, bindings, negative unjustified karma, Soul Facets held by another Soul, and contracts. You enter into these through CHOICE, although you do so unconsciously.

Present Life Entity Attachment

Present life entity attachments are different in that you do NOT make them with Souls (because they would be incarnated and just be people!) Instead, you usually create these present life attachments with entities that are independent negative thought forms, rather than Souls. Independent thought forms are thought forms that received so much energy that they became independent and able to take on a life of their own of sorts although they need to attach to someone in order to remain viable. These kinds of entity attachments do not convey into future lifetimes. Very rarely, a present life entity attachment will be a Soul. In that case, there would be an attachment mechanism created in your present lifetime with a person that has transitioned.

Entity Attachments

Before a present life entity attaches, it may be a “stalking” entity. This is ONLY a present life phenomenon. Stalking entities have no real influence on you and do NOT run programs. However, they let you know that attachment is the next step. Entity attachments will create negativity within you by running “programs.” Think of programs like a computer virus - they create patterns of recurring negative thoughts and emotions. The energy created by these programs is what nurtures the entity attachment. Programs run at the mental or emotional body level and usually affect a specific chakra. Once an entity has gained a measure of influence over a client, this influence may progress to a partial possession. From time to time, the entity may strongly influence your choices. To you, it feels as if you are choiceless over negative behaviour.

Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound Spirits are Souls that did not cross over appropriately because of traumatic death, fear of death, unexpected death, or attachment to their physical existence. They are stuck and confused - they literally do not know they are dead (think of the movie The Sixth Sense, they got it exactly right). Earthbound Spirits do not have access to vital force energy on their own. They must therefore attach to a living Being - usually this is a family member. Earthbound Spirits are ALWAYS present life ONLY.


While Earthbound Spirits are fairly common, ghosts are fairly rare. A ghost is an Earthbound Spirit that has learned over time to draw energy from their environment - not just a family member. It has therefore gained a level of independence. They have been earthbound for a long time. They are not selective about their attachments. They may move about from place to place. If we choose to live in a place with a ghost and there is enough vibrational “likeness” then the ghost may attach to us personally.


Poltergeists are very rare and are attached to a place rather than a person. However, they greatly affect the people that are inhabiting that place. Poltergeists are ghosts that have gained enough power to move energy, materialize, make noises and even move objects. They have a very confusing, erratic energy pattern. It will be hard to keep things organized with a poltergeists about. They create chaos. Poltergeists also hide shiny objects, such as keys and jewelry.

Negative Thought Forms

You are constantly creating thoughts. Idle thoughts arise, and if you do not continue to send them energy, they dissipate. However, if you give thoughts energy repeatedly, they actually take form in your mental energy body. Thought forms are dependent on your vital force energy, but can last for decades if they are continuously fed. Some negative thought forms are also created and nurtured by you yourself. You can also direct thought forms at others when you wish them ill. You can also create negative thought forms ABOUT others, when you think negatively about them. These thought forms can take residence in your aura and be perceived by yourself and others as true. For example, if someone directs the negative thought form at you that you are incompetent, you may eventually end up believing that you are incompetent. You must to some degree buy into these thought forms in order for them to take up residence in your mental body. Similarly, if someone creates the negative thought form about you that you are dishonest, you may start to question your own level of integrity. Worse, OTHER people will get a sense that you may be dishonest - even though this is not your Truth! You do not need to buy into these thoughtforms - when they are created “about” you they do not reside IN you mental body, but literally create mental energy around you. Negative thought forms created about you is one of the reasons many people have difficulty living in the public eye. Negative thought forms do not persist over lifetimes and are always present life ONLY and they are not an attachment mechanism for entities.

Anger Spears

Anger spears are a kind of negative thought form directed at you. They are very intense concentrations of anger, hurled at you by someone who perceives that you hurt them in some way. Persons with anger spears will feel threatened or “under the gun” for no obvious reason. Anger spears are always present life only. They are not an attachment mechanism for entities.

Compassionate Connections

Compassionate connections form when you offer another Soul you energetic resources. In other words, you compassionately offer them your vital force energy. Of course, this is at all times inappropriate and unnecessary. It is however a very loving gesture that Souls mistakenly make. It is the spiritual equivalent of “enabling” rather than “helping.” Becoming a Source for someone else effectively disempowers them from accessing Divine Source for infinitely abundant vital force energy. Over time, compassionate connections can become quite draining. It is important for you to maintain appropriate energetic boundaries, and to tune into the difference between enabling others vs. empowering them.


Contracts are agreements you make at Soul level with people that you incarnate with. They CAN serve as an attaching mechanism and are mainly a past life issue. Souls have generally outgrown contracts and they are only rarely still created today. Contracts served Souls in ensuring that they would complete their karmic work with one another. Some Souls have released their contracts, while others still have residual contracts in their Records. Contracts may start as mutual, but can become one-sided if one Soul releases the contract while the other does not. Contracts can also start out one-sided. When Souls hold a one-sided Soulmate contract in their Record, it can make them feel quite bitter and disillusioned about love and relationships. They will forever search for “the One” without ever finding what they are looking for.

Negative Unjustified Karma

You create karma all the time! Karma is simply the consequences of your choices. It is a perfect system through which you learn how to create what you want (ideally, anyways.) We cannot “clear” justified karma - karma that is simply the consequence of our choices. However, at times Souls hold “unjustified” karma in their Records. This is karma that continues to create consequences long past the duration of the choice. Generally, you perceive to have made a horrible, horrible mistake that you never, ever, ever, ever want to make again. There is often the perception that you hurt someone physically or emotionally. At times, you in fact DID cause harm. The Soul holds the karma open and incomplete in their Records as a reminder of that past mistaken choice. Negative unjustified karma is the Soul insisting it has a “lesson” to learn - and even though it has passed the final exam, it still keeps going to class! The same circumstances will keep showing up for you - you will feel like you have a broken record in your life that you cannot comprehend. Negative unjustified karma is usually a past life circumstance. When you create this karma with another Soul, it can serve as an attachment mechanism.

Negative Etheric Implants

Negative etheric implants are nonphysical mechanisms that reside either in our mental or emotional energy body. Originally a positive spiritual technology, Souls over time adapted this technology to make negative choices possible in a sustained way. They have become a coping mechanism of sorts that help us justify making choices against our own Divine nature. Etheric implants run “programs” in our mental OR emotional body. These programs essentially serve as a way to justify or cope with a sustained choice against our own Divine nature. As with attaching entities, programs will run in the mental or emotional body and will affect a specific chakra.

Physical Negative Implants

From time to time, foreign objects that are placed in our bodies simply don’t resonate to us vibrationally. They will be energetically (and in some cases physically) irritating to us. Physical implants can include anything from tooth fillings to breast implants to blood transfusions to transplanted organs. Many objects we place into our bodies will integrate with us energetically without any issue.

Soul Facet Loss

Your Soul is made up of 617 individual energetic facets. Essentially, there are 617 different “pieces” of vibrational substance that make up your Soul. Soul facets are lost through extreme trauma. Severe emotional traumas, such as desperation, fear, anger, or victimization are usually the cause of Soul facet loss. Issues of Soul Facet loss usually involve extremely traumatic situations and often physical violence. These are life situations that literally tear our Souls apart. When we are missing Soul facets, we are literally missing a piece of our Soul. Obviously, this limits our ability to receive vital force energy from Divine Source. You may present with Soul facet loss OR present with additional Soul facets that are not your own. When additional Soul facets are present, you will be very confused. You have “extra” puzzle pieces to yourself that just don’t seem to fit. You will feel inconsistent within yourself. That’s because you are out of integrity, trying to integrate Soul facets that are not your own.


Portalways are the energetic doorways we use to travel between dimensions and between astrals. Portalways are in and of themselves not negative - we use them to access the astral planes during sleep, and we use them unconsciously to access information about the past and the future. Portalways are considered negative, however, when they are creating a distraction from your current incarnation. Portalways to past lives are often found when there are past life blocks and restrictions present. Implants that were created due to entanglement with an organization will often be accompanied by a portalway open to that organization and soul who resonates to that energy. Portalways may also be excessively present when you practice “spiritual escapism” - you daydream, you vision, you play games of pretend in your head, to the point where your imaginary life is more vivid, real, and important to you than “real” life. This may show up as portalways to parallels and other astrals. Portalways can also be found in properties, and are used by entities to come and go out of physical spaces.

Negative Astral Travel

There are seven negative and seven positive astrals accessible to us from our third dimensional existence. The negative astrals are obviously the polarity of the positive astrals, and are where our version of “hell” comes from. We are all able to visit both positive and negative astrals. We frequently do so just by using our imagination! One allows us to recharge and reconnect to our Divinity. The other is draining and creates further separation. Negative astral travel during our sleep means we have nightmares, irregular sleeping patters, insomnia, or wake up tired. We cannot access vital force energy from the negative astrals. Souls can trap themselves in the negative astrals if they choose to be in a state of separation vs. connection, or because they have a great deal of negativity in their vibrational state. This can happen during or after incarnation. On rare occurrences, you may travel to negative astrals because you have an energetic relationship with the trapped Souls. This is usually due to a contract of healing or protection with the trapped Soul. Negativity in your vibrational states can cause you to be drawn into negative astrals while you sleep. You can enter into such a state of separation in the negative astrals that you become “trapped” there. This looks like traumatic nightmares. At its worst, this looks like “night terrors,” which is a nightmare that you cannot wake up from.


Any Soul, positive or negative, can place a curse. A curse is a concentration of ill wishes and negative energy with a LOT of emotional energy behind them. Usually, people do not realize they are placing a curse. They are simply wishing someone harm because they are hurt, or in fear, or disempowerment. A curse is not placed whenever someone wishes us harm. The person being cursed MUST be willing to receive the energy of the curse. They must feel as if they were in the wrong, feel guilty, or otherwise agree with the energy of the curse. In other words, they must feel as if they deserve it for the curse to take place. This is the CHOICE we make that allows us to be cursed. Curses are a very common attachment mechanism. Curses can connect the Souls involved for many lifetimes. The Soul that transitions first will be attached to the other. Curses can be place by an individual, or a group of individuals. They can be placed ON an individual, a group, or even an entire family. A familial curse can be passed down from one generation to Another.


I refer to spells that are negative. In other words, they create separation from Divine Source for you. The intention is to interfere with the free will of another. There are spells placed on you, or placed BY you. Spells behave much like curses, but are placed with intention and involve the use of ritual, incantation, etc. They are never placed accidentally. But even when well-intentioned, any process designed to “make” someone else do or feel anything constitutes an interference with free will and is negative. As with curses, the energy of the spell must be received through the disempowered belief that someone else can “make us” do something. In other words, they can only be placed on someone who is willing to abdicate responsibility for their choices in the situation. As with curses, a spell connects two Souls, sometimes for many lifetimes. Spells can be cast by an individual or a group, and can be placed on an individual or a Group.


You create binding situations when you surrender your free will to another person. In other words, you choose to let your free will be “bound” by someone else’s free will. In a binding situation, another person will create the perception that you are not at choice. This can be a controlling parent who controls the life of their child, an emotionally or physically abusive spouse who tells the partner that they have no other place to go, etc. You allow someone else to make your choices for you, and so allow yourself to be bound by their will, rather than exercising your own. Binding situations are common. They can be past- and present life and serve as an attachment mechanism for past life entities. Bindings can be placed by individuals or groups. Bindings are like energetic straightjackets. Once you choose to allow them to be placed, it will appear as if certain choices are not available to you. You may be left with a sense of “I can’t” even though this is not rational or reasonable. Bindings can be placed on you, or by you.


Pacts are two sided agreements between two people engaging in an exchange for personal gain. Usually, you must give up something in order to gain what you desire. This is what makes this kind of agreement negative. This may look like marrying for money and status – you give up authentic love for financial abundance. Pacts can be present- or past life and serve as an attaching mechanism for past-life entities.


Vows are heartfelt promises made either to God, or to someone who you perceive to be a representative of God. Vows always create separation from inner spiritual authority and place the concept of God “out there” vs. acknowledging that you ARE God. Vows are promises made with a lot of emotional sincerity, and always include some kind of ritual actions. In other words, there is an event that accompanies the vow. Situations in which vows are created include those of initiation into religious orders or organizations, and marriage vows. When a vow is made to a person you think is a representative of God, you give them spiritual authority over you. At times, this perception of spiritual authority has been abused in order to gain control. Vows to a negative Being perceived as God could be made during an initiation to a guru, a marriage, or religious rites with an authority figure presiding. Vows are mostly past life but can be present life. When made to a person, they serve as an attachment mechanism for past life entities.


Programs run at a specific chakra, at either the mental OR emotional body level. While programs certainly affect us both mentally AND emotionally regardless of where they are contained, we want to know the root location of the program.

Mental Life/Emotional Life Occupied

Mental/emotional life occupied is measured on a percentage scale - what percentage of your mental or emotional life are currently occupied by negative thoughts and emotions i.e. thoughts and emotions that create separation to their Divine nature.

Negative Energy Influence

This is an overall impression of how much of your life is influenced by your negative choices i.e. choices you’ve made against your own Divine nature.


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