Biorythm Healing

A form of sound and vibrational healing. Can be performed both in person and at a distance.


As long as 3000 years ago, the scientists of ancient Greece were recording the regular rhythms of basic bodily functions such as respiration, kidney activity, pulse rate and, of course, the female menstrual cycle. Most of us barely give them a thought; yet these rhythmic cycles affect even the tiniest cells of our organism from the day we are born to the day we die.

Tools & Chakras

The tools I use help the body’s Chakras to become aligned. These are the (7) Chakra’s… Root, Sacral, Solar Plex, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown. Each Chakra in of itself has its own unique signature it gives off. With Biorhythm tools we can hear when one or more Chakra’s are not in line with the rest. Sort of like feedback that is instant. If a Chakra is running slow and or discolored in any way these tools can help restore balance.

Our Chakra’s are vital they speak to us about what areas of the body may need more attention right down to the tiniest of organs to the:

  • ​Cardiovascular system / Circulatory system . . .

  • Digestive system / Excretory system . . .

  • Endocrine system . . .

  • Integumentary system/ Exocrine system . . .

  • Lymphatic system / Immune system . . .

  • Muscular system . . .

  • Nervous system . . .

  • Renal system / Urinary system . . .

​Just to name a few, We do this using various tools that send out a pause such as Tuning Forks. When struck a tuning fork depending on its length will vibrate at a rate that is particular to a specific organ in need of that frequency. Most clients will tell you it feels like an internal massage and it is very relaxing. Other items used are Crystalline Pyramids, Crystalline Bowls just to name a few.

Please email your full name and what you want healing for to I will get back to you as soon as I can, within 24 hours, and we book a time for the healing. Healing at distance works just ask fine as physical healing. I will do the healing on you at the time we agreed to and after, I will contact you the way you wished during the order.

Notice: You will be sent to the page for Reiki Healing during the process if you purchase via Square. Please note in the email that it is for a Biorythm Healing. If you purchase via PayPal, you just select Biorythm Healing.


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