What are the The Akashic Records?

What are the The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic “database” that stores all information about all choices that were ever made. Each Soul has its own Akashic Record, which contains all information about the Soul, back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source. The Akashic Records are fifth dimensional in nature. Think of them as an energetic information superhighway that resides outside of time and space. The Akashic Records are not a specific place! The Truth is that you ARE a part of the Records, just as you ARE a Soul. The Records do not exist “up there” while you are “down here.”

You are a multi-dimensional Being. You are thirddimensional in your human form, fourthdimensional at the level of ego, and fifthdimensional as a spiritual Being. All dimensions co-exist as expressions of one another. Think of them as a layer cake, with the densest, third dimensional layer at the bottom of the cake. Now think of all layers occupying the same exact space! This is the nature of multidimensionality.

The Akashic Records are a vast energetic “database” that records all choices. Every thought, word and deed creates an energetic ripple effect that resonates throughout the fabric of time and space. These energetic state changes are essentially “recorded” in the Akashic Records.

I never access the Akashic Records without permission. Reading for someone without their permission is highly intrusive and inappropriate. You are the creator of your own experience just as others are of theirs. I cannot read for someone else for you except for your husband/wife/steady partner and your children. Adult children have to give their permission themselves.

You cannot access another person’s Akashic Record without their express permission. Our Akashic Records are very PRIVATE. It is NOT advisable to read the Akashic Records for a newborn, or someone who has recently transitioned. For a newborn, I wait at least twelve weeks after birth to read for them. It can take this long for the Soul to be fully seeded within the physical body. This is a process that I do not want to disrupt with reading and clearing work. Similarly, I wait at least a month until after someone has transitioned out of this lifetime to read for them.

When I start with a reading, I have your premission to go into the Akashic Records and read your soul. Sometimes though, for many different reasons the Akashic Records for a soul is not avaliable at the time. It’s not very usual, but it happens. It is not something to fear and it’s either bad or good. It just IS. If that happens I come back to you and we do not proceed with the reading.

All your information is 100% confidential. I do not share any information about you that you give me or information I find while reading your soul with anyone without your specific permission. I also do not tell anyone the name of any of my clients.